Taj Al-Qithara issue all classes tickets of international carriers to ensure that the clients get the maximum number of destinations at any time and season:

  • Iraqi Airways
  • Iran Air
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Royal Jordanian
  • Fly Emirates
  • Egypt Air
  • Qatar Airways
  • Al ITTIHAD Airlines
  • Middle East Airlines
  • Fly Dubai
  • Gulf Air


Hotel Reservation

Taj Al-Qithara offers hotel reservation at different cities and countries to make sure of clients’ peace of mind in their travel.


Medical Insurance

TAJ Al QITHARA offers medical insurance for its clients all over the world to save their time and effort needed for travel preparations.



TAJ Al QITHARA offers visa to various countries including:

  • Jordan - Amman on Iraqi Airways.
  • Jordan - Amman on Royal Jordanian.
  • Iran.
  • UAE on Fly Emirates.
  • UAE on Fly Dubai.



TAJ Al QITHARA offers different vacation packages to different touristic destinations all over the world covering all seasons and occasions.

  • Turkey:
  1. Istanbul
  2. Antalya
  3. Bursa
  • Malaysia, Kuala lumpur.
  • Singapore.